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Introductory Phone Call

The purpose of this call is to welcome clients to our service and establish a working relationship between them and their first level service center consultant. During this call, clients are told when to expect their introductory package and advised as to what their first steps should be.

College Tracking List

Clients are sent an introductory package outlining the service and key points of action. This package includes a College Tracking List (CTL) designed to keep clients informed of what is being done on their behalf. The CTL outlines steps that will be completed and notes when the client can anticipate completion of each step. This tracking system keeps clients continuously aware of the next step in the process. Username and password information for the clients’ family account and My Career Planner (MCP) accounts are included in the package. Families will also find a booklet, “The College Navigator”, enclosed.

Access to Our Proprietary Software

Our one-of-a-kind web-based application is a content-rich client web portal dedicated to the needs of college bound families. An interactive website, this is an indispensable element of our service. Features of the site include separate resource sections specifically tailored to students and their families.  Parents will find financial planning info, college planning guides, award status, a schedule of dates, forms and form filling guides, among other resources. For students, our software offers study guides, career guides, test preparation services, and links to pertinent articles.

Career Goal Assessment (MCP Account)

The client is given access to an online aptitude/attitude program (MCP) designed to confirm or discover a student’s career goals. This is step one of the Student Positioning Concept. The aptitude assessment aids students in searching for possible career avenues, and encourages the pursuit of an appropriate major. This step can conceivably reduce the overall cost of a higher education by making a bachelor’s degree attainable in the normal four year time frame.

The Student Positioning Session

Clients are provided with an interactive coaching session between the family/student and an educational College Specialist. The conference, called the Student Positioning Session, is designed to help a family/student choose the most viable schools. This second step of the Student Positioning Concept involves and in- depth review of MCP results and the student’s interests through the guidance of an experienced educational College Specialist. The session is intended to first show, and then educate our clients in a method of finding the colleges that are both an academic and financial fit. Included in the consultation is a college search based on customized search criteria, the results of which consist of data sheets that outline the general, administrative, and financial information on each college. College selection is the responsibility of the family/student. The role of the College Specialist is to make suggestions, offer mentorship, and coach the family on how to make these important choices.

Interactive Online Program Tool

We provide access to an online program to be used as an adjunct to the Student Positioning Session. This unique resource is the only college search tool designed to incorporate both an academic and financial perspective. The Student Positioning online tool, allows clients to add/drop colleges from their inventory of prospective schools, and view/print general, administrative, and financial data sheets on over 1500 U.S. Colleges. Also included are interactive capabilities which allow students to explore a “what if” scenario, should they improve their standardized test scores.

Interactive Phone Session

As a supplement to the original Student Positioning Session, we provides an interactive, follow-up phone conference, as a means to touch base and revisit with the student and to further encourage and foster the Student Positioning philosophy during the college selection process.

Monthly Email Editorials

Monthly editorials are emailed to clients. These useful articles provide an overview of the college planning topic of the month. Some of the editorials include: A Discussion on Early Decision, Running in the College Application Marathon, Letters of Appeal, and A Treasure Hunt for Legitimate Scholarship Money. The editorial portion of the program starts in June of the Junior/Senior Year.

Monthly Teleconferences

Clients have access to live and interactive teleconferences. These teleconferences discuss in detail an assortment of college-bound topics and give the client an opportunity to speak directly to a highly experienced administrator in a one-on- one setting. The teleconference portion of the program starts in January of the Junior Year. Recordings are provided online in the event that a client misses a session.

Status Calls/Emails

Provides a series of status calls and customized monthly emails to ensure the student/family are well aware of the next step in the program. They also ensure that the family is on track throughout the college planning process.

College Admission Test Preparation

Clients are given access to either the ACT or SAT Prompter program offered by ePrep.

Below is a description of the service from ePrep’s website: ePrep helps students of all ability levels reach their educational goals by offering expert instruction in a way that is engaging, convenient, and student-adaptable. All of us at ePrep believe that master teachers, through their keen insights and broad experiences,are uniquely positioned to engage students as they impart the knowledge and strategies proven to maximize test scores. Using a well established “test-grade-review” methodology and a proprietary online, video-based delivery platform,ePrep makes connecting with an expert affordable and possible–anytime and from virtually anywhere in the world.

 College Essay Services

Clients are given access to The Essay Service, a combination of Internet-based and live assistance with editors who have graduated from Yale, Harvard, Stanford and Boston Universities. The goal of the essay service is to support a student’s efforts in writing a memorable essay and includes:

+ Unlimited use of The College Essay Clinic (our online help tool)
+ Three hours of assistance from a College Essay Clinic editor to discuss the essay.
+ First draft edited and returned with specific suggestions
+ Second draft edited and returned with specific suggestions
+ Final draft edited and returned with additional suggestions

A Comprehensive Customer Service System

We achieves a high level of communication with our clients during the entire service engagement. Our consultants are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable, and are available to answer service- related questions at our service center.

Data Privacy and Security

Client data privacy and security is of utmost concern. Data is secured using hybrid information security systems, data back-up, and other safeguards unparalleled in the industry. Feel free to ask about our IT safety track record.

Please note that the following services are NOT completed:

+ We will not contact a college on the behalf of a client. We do not send transcripts, SAT/ACT scores,institutional forms or tax returns to colleges. 
+ We will not provide the schools with two sets of financial information. We will only file the forms for the custodial parent. Anything required by the non-custodial parent will need to be completed by the non-custodial parent.