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The Funding Process – We provide details on the workings of the process, including: what makes up the funding package; suggestions on proper asset positioning; vital statistics on over 1,600 institutions regarding percentage of need met and type of funding offered; explanation of special circumstances and how they may apply to your family; and funding distribution procedures and their affect.

EFC (Expected Family Contribution Analysis) – We provide a complete analysis of your EFC using both Federal and Institutional Methodology.

Recommendations to Reduce your EFC – We show you how to take advantage fo strategies that will enable you to legally reduce your EFC and maximize the amount of aid for which you are eligible.

Data Verification Session –The service also provides a data verification session, to verify the accuracy of the financial data used to complete financial aid applications. By use of our internet-based system, clients have the opportunity to agree to the accuracy of all data before any financial aid forms are filed.

Financial Aid Profile (FAP) Registration/Completion –Registration for the Financial Aid CSS Profile (FAP) is included in this service. The FAP is more complicated than the FAFSA. Additionally, the information needs to be consistent with that which appears on the FAFSA. This form is required by certain colleges for financial aid consideration and you must either register to obtain it or acquire the opportunity to complete the form online. (ID # is created when the student takes the SAT). The application, too, is completed electronically for the family. The additional cost of filing incurred by the College Board is the responsibility of the client family.

*Please note: We do not file two sets of financials in non-custodial situations, and we do not file the business/ farm supplement.

Financial Aid Forms Completion –We completes college institutional financial aid forms of a need-based nature. Some schools have their own need-based forms that are just as important as the Financial Aid Profile (FAP) and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The institutional financial aid forms are completed by hand, and then mailed to the family. It is the responsibility of the family to review, sign and mail the completed form to the college. This step does not include non need-based applications such as college scholarship applications or admissions applications.

*Please note: Our service does not include the completion of verification forms.  Completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

This form must be completed to qualify for Federal aid, most State Programs, and is often required for institutional merit-based aid. This form is completed electronically and is normally filed twice for the for the client: Once as an estimate and second as a final filing after subsequent tax returns have been completed for the year.

Online Awards Analysis –This program provides a breakdown of the award package by offering two reports. The first report analyzes the award offer from the colleges’ view-point including non-free money such as student loans and work study programs. The second report analyzes the award letter from the families’ viewpoint (free money only) without long-term student loans or work study programs. These reports make it crystal clear what the client’s true cost is for their first year in college.

Evaluation of Award Letters and Appeal Process Support We requests a copy of all award letters from the client family, and upon receiving them, evaluates award packages as excellent, fair or poor. Through our analysis, we can determine if it is to the families benefit to appeal a college’s award package. If an appeal is deemed necessary, our staff is available to assist with the appeal process by consulting with the client on the type of appeal letter to write. We also coach parents on how to discuss the appeal with a college financial aid officer.

Loan Options Counseling Resources are provided on the three loan options: Private loans, Federal Loans and State Loans. We also provide the family with a college loan booklet which addresses important loan topics.

Monthly Email Editorials –Monthly editorials are emailed to clients. These useful articles provide an overview of the college planning topic of the month. Some of the editorials include: A Discussion on Early Decision, Running in the College Application Marathon, Letters of Appeal, and A Treasure Hunt for Legitimate Scholarship Money. The editorial portion of the program starts in June of the Junior/Senior Year.

Monthly Teleconferences – Clients have access to live and interactive teleconferences. These teleconferences discuss in detail an assortment of college-bound topics and give the client an opportunity to speak directly to a highly experienced administrator in a one-on- one setting. The teleconference portion of the program starts in January of the Junior Year. Recordings are provided online in the event that a client misses a session.

College Payment Plan – We put together a plan to show you the most cost effective way to fund the out of pocket costs for all your children.  Do not borrow any money or begin paying for college without having a plan in place!

Status Calls/Emails – Provides a series of status calls and customized monthly emails to ensure the student/family are well aware of the next step in the program. They also ensure that the family is on track throughout the college planning process.

We are NOT a private-scholarship search company. Also we do NOT guarantee a student’s college enrollment or funding eligibility. Our role is to assist the student and family with the college preparation and funding process.

There are several factors such as family participation; the student’s academic and extracurricular achievements; and the student’s higher educational goals, for example, that will obviously produce a variance in results from student to student