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Q: What is a College Funding Advisor?

A: A financial planner focuses on showing you ways to grow your income and to create wealth. As college funding specialists, our objective is to show you how to pay for college, and potentially make it a financial “non-event” for your family.

Q: We make too much money and won’t qualify for financial aid. What type of planning can you do for us?

A: Most of the families we assist qualify for little to no “need-based” financial aid. We help these families by creating a plan that involves a combination of academic student positioning along with financial and tax planning strategies. Many of six figure income clients are surprised to learn that after strategic planning, they too can qualify for financial aid. Students from families with annual incomes of $250,000 + are commonly offered very attractive funding packages.

Q: Do you give out loans or scholarships?

A: No, we are not a lending institution or a scholarship fund. However, depending on your needs, we will identify and recommend the best college financial tools for your situation.

Q: I already work with a financial advisor (or CPA.) Can’t my advisor do this type of planning for me?

A: Typically the answer to this is no. There are a small percentage of financial advisors or CPAs trained in the late stage college funding niche. For instance, a physician who is a general practitioner would not think of trying to perform heart surgery on a patient. That procedure would be referred to a specialist. It is similar in our specialty. Most financial advisors and CPAs are unfamiliar with this type of planning. We receive regular referrals from other financial advisors and CPAs who appreciate our specialization and client services in college funding planning. They believe our services add a lot of value to the services they are providing to their clients.

Q: Why should we consider working with a College Funding Advisor?

A: Working with a college funding specialist can make you aware of tips and strategies most people don’t even know exist. Utilizing a combination of these little-known strategies can tremendously benefit your family and your pocketbook. The services that we provide are set up to relieve you from the stress and anxiety that is typically associated with the thought of paying for college. It is extremely valuable to have an advisor working on your behalf throughout this process. College is the second highest expenditure for many families, next to the purchase of their home. Have you ever purchased real estate without seeking the advice of a professional? Of course you didn’t. Paying for college shouldn’t be any different. There is crucial information you need to know about the college funding process before you begin.

Q: Won’t my student’s High School Counselor tell us all we need to know about paying for college?

A: Your counselor’s main role is working with each student to reach his/her educational goals. Most counselors are not trained in the financial planning strategies that are needed to address each family’s unique financial situation.

Q: What is the most important part of the college funding process?

A: Understanding the fact that college is not only essential and expensive, but it is also a business. Colleges consider themselves communities and look for a wide range of students to diversely fill each community. Keep in mind that colleges typically offer admission to 3, 4, or even 5 times as many students as they need to keep their seats filled. Being accepted for admission is by no means the end of the “battle.” The institution making the student’s attendance possible by offering adequate funding is the real key.